Agoura Hills Firewise Community Assessments

This recent disturbing graph from CAL FIRE, clearly emphasizes that it is not so much the number of fires that have increased over the past year, but the size and severity of the fires that is most concerning. Our homes have become the number one source of fuel for wildfires.


Thank you Haddee Hammoud, from LA County Fire Department – Forestry Division, for coming to Agoura Hills to complete our first round of Community Wildfire Risk Assessments.

Every year, devastating wildfires burn across the United States. At the same time, a growing number of people are living where wildfires are a real risk. While these fires will continue to happen, there are things you can do to help protect your home and neighborhood as well as your family’s safety.

The NFPA Firewise USA® recognition program was designed to help people learn about wildfire and how they can make their homes and neighborhoods safer. It’s based on research that shows how to prepare homes to withstand embers and prevent flames or surface fire from igniting the home and its immediate surroundings, by working in an area known as the home ignition zone (HIZ). This is the home and everything around it within 100 feet.

The community risk assessment focuses on the vulnerability of homes and surrounding Home Ignition Zones (HIZ) to embers.

LA County Fire Department just completed our initial Seven Agoura Hills Firewise USA® Community assessments.

  • Annandale Townhouse Association
  • Chateau Creek
  • Fountainwood
  • Hillrise
  • Lake Lindero
  • Liberty Canyon
  • Morrison Ranch

This completes our initial phase of getting seven Agoura Hills’ Communities Firewise USA® recognition.

If you wish your community to get recognized as a Firewise USA® Community, please click HERE to contact us.

Click HERE to learn about the important safety and financial benefits of becoming a Firewise USA® Community.

Haddee Hammoud (R), from LA County Fire Department – Forestry Division, explains some important observations he looks for when doing the Community Assessments, to Liberty Canyon residents and Firewise Community Team Leaders (L-R) Shea Broussard, Sherry Ferber, and Bill Ferrier.

Haddee Hammoud points out disced soil that the Hillrise Community has done to create a Defensible Space around its community. 

During the assessment, it was observed that Morrison Ranch has a well-maintained 100-foot Defensible Space clearance beyond residential property lines.

By chance, and with the positive recognition from the Fire Department, the goats were out clearing brush on the hills of Morrison Ranch, on the day of the Community Assessments.

Jay Crutcher, Chateau Creek Firewise Community Leader, shows Haddee Hammoud the defensible space initiative around Strawberry Hill.

The Lake Lindero Golf Course is a well-maintained buffer zone for houses around the golf course.

Please contact us to find out how you and your community can take advantage of the Agoura Hills Fire Safe Council and our Firewise community programs.

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